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    來源:www.www.5168sc.com 作者:杭州嘉興驗廠網 發布時間:09-27

    Standards of Vendor Engagement

    Safe and Healthy Workplace

    A safe and Healthy workplace is essential for the employees working in your factories. The factory needs to provide the following to ensure the employees can quickly react in case of emergency:
    健康與安全的工作環境對于你們工廠的雇員來說是必不可少的. 為確保您的雇員在緊急情況下能夠迅速作出反應, 工廠需要提供以下便利/措施:
    1. Enough fire extinguishers and/or hydrants(with hoses) for the size of the factory and in accordance with local laws.
       相對于工廠規模足夠的滅火器和/或消防栓(帶水管), 且符合當地法律規定.
    2. Adequate emergency lighting(with a battery back-up) should be installed throughout the factory.
    3. Adequate emergency exits. Best practice is to ensure every employee had access to at least two exits.
       充足的緊急出口. 最佳做法是確保每名雇員都可以享用兩個緊急出口.
       ***Exits should be unblocked(from the inside), unobstructed and well marked. The exit door should push to open, not pull to open.
       ***緊急出口需保持暢通, 不得有任何阻擋/阻塞, 且明顯標示. 緊急出口門必須是"推"開, 而不是"拉"開.
    4. All employees should have basic training on how to use the fire extinguishers/hydrants, location of the emergency exits and first-aid training.
       所有雇員需接受以下基本培訓: 如何使用滅火器/消防栓, 緊急出口位置及急救培訓.
    5. Personal Protective Equipment such as eyewear, ear-plugs and face masks should be made available to employees when applicable.
      當情況需要時, 需提供個人防護設備如:眼罩, 耳塞, 面具等.
        ***The employees should also be trained in the correct use and educated on why they should use personal protective equipment.
        ***需要對雇員如何正確使用個人防護設備進行培訓, 以及為什么他們需要使用個人防護設備.
    6. If dormitories are provided, they must be in cmpliance with all applicable laws in regards to fire&safety, room size and number of occipants per room.
       如果工廠提供住宿(宿舍), 必須符合與消防/安全, 房間面積及每間人數等所有適用的法律要求.

    No Forced or Compulsory Labor
    ***Target has a "zero tolerence" policy towards the use of forced or compulsory labor.
    1. Employees must be able to decline overtime without penalty (financial or other).
    2. Employees should not be subject to large financial emplyment deposits to begin or retain employment.
    3. No prison labor may be used. Is is illegal to import products produced by prison labor in the the United States per U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
    不得使用監獄勞動力. 根據美國海關與邊防局,進口監獄勞動力生產的產品進入美國是違法的.

    Fair Disciplinary Practices
    Workers should not be unfairly punished for things such as declining overtime, being tardy, producing defective goods, or poor production. All factories shold have written rules regarding disclipnary procedures and those policies should be communicated to the workers.
    工人不得對如以下行為受到任何懲罰: 拒絕加班, 遲到, 做出次品或較差的生產. 所有工廠對于懲戒措施/程序需要書面規則/政策, 且這些規則/政策需傳達于工人.
    1. Disciplinary practices must be in accordance to applicable local laws.
    2. Target ha a "zero tolerence" policy towards corporal punishment.
    3. Corporal punishment is defined as "punishment inflicted on a person's body"

    No Discrimination
    ***Workers should be hired based on qualifications, not gender, race, personal characteristics or beliefss.
    ***工人的雇用需根據其資格, 而不是性別, 種族, 個人特征或信仰.
    1. All employees should be treated with respect. This includes workers imported from another country.
    對于所有雇員都需要尊重以待. 包括他國雇員.
    2. Pregnacy/HIV testing should not be conducted at time of hire unless required by local law.
    除非有當地法律規定, 雇用時不得進行懷孕/艾滋病毒檢測.

    Reasonable Working Hours and Overtime
    ***Working hours should not exceed local laws
    1. Target establishes a maximum work week(including overtime) of 60 hours. If local law specifies a work week(including overtime) of less than 60 hours, local law should be followed.
    Target接受的每周最長工作時間為60小時(包括加班時間在內). 如果當地法律規定的周最長工作時間(包括加班時間在內)小于60小時, 以當地法律為準.
    2. Employees should receive one day of rest per week(one day off in seven days).
    3. Employees must be able to decline overtime without penalty(financial or other).
    4. Vendors should know and follow the local law for each country of production.

    Fair Wages
    1. Employees must be paid for all hours worked. Use of a time clock or scan-card system is required to tracking employee's hours(both regular hours and overtime).
    必須支付雇員所有工作時數. 必須使用考勤鐘或刷卡考勤系統來記錄雇員工作時數(正常工作時數和加班時數)---***Target不接受手工考勤表.
    2. Local laws regarding wages and overtime compensation must be followed.
    3. Employees should receive additional compensation for overtime even if the particular country does not have overtime wage laws.
    即使某個國家未有加班工資的法律, 雇員也應當得到加班的額外補償.
    4. Employees shgould be paid in a timely manner.
    5. Any payroll deductions must be in accordance with local laws.
    6. Employees should not be held respnsible for damaged goods.

    No Child Labor
    ***Child is defined by Target as being below the local minimum age or 14, whichever is greater.
    ***Target對童工的定義: 14歲以下或當地法律規定的最小年齡以下-二者哪個大適用哪個.
    1. Target has a "zero tolerence" policy towards the use if child labor. It is Target's Policy to not accept produced by child labor.
    Target對于雇用童工采取"零容忍"政策. Target政策規定不接受童工生產的產品.
    2. Apprenticeship programs must be fully documented and in compliance with applicable local laws.
     學徒工計劃必須有書面的實施制度和程序, 且符合當地法律規定.
    3. The factory must maintain complete and accurate personnel records for all employees, including "temporary" or "seasonal" employees
    工廠必須保存完整且準確的所有雇員人事紀錄, 包括"臨時工"與"季節工".
    4. Vendors should know and follow the local law for each country of production.

    Country of Origin
    1. Target will not accept any merchandise that was illegally tran-shipped into the United States per U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
    根據美國海關與邊防局, Target不接受任何通過非法轉運進入美國的貨物.
    2. Target has a "zero telerence" policy towards the misrepresentation of Country of Origin.
    3. Per U.S Customs and Border Protection, illegal transhipment is a false declarition if infirmation given to circumvent existing United States trade laws for the purpose of avoiding quotas, embargoes or prohibinitions, or to obtain preferential duty treatment.
    根據美國海關與邊防局, 非法轉運是出于規避現有美國法律關于配額,禁運或禁令或獲取關稅優惠待遇而進行的虛假原產地信息聲明.
    4. The vendor/factory should maintain all production and import/export records for a period of five years as required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
    根據美國海關與邊防局要求, 供應商/工廠應該對所有生產及進/出口記錄保存五年.
    ***These records should remain at the factory for a minimum of 1 year and be provided upon request within 72 hours.
    ***這些記錄應該在工廠至少保留一年, 而且, 如果要求提供應該在72小時內拿出.

    Zero Tolerence/Severe Violation
    ***If any of the below listed 4 standards are violated at any point, the factory will be made non-compliant and will not be allowed to produce Target owned brand products for up to 3 years:
    ***任何時間對于以下四條標準中的任何一條的違犯, 工廠必須被定為"不遵約", 且3年內不得生產Target自有品牌產品:
    ***If the factory did produce Target products Target could not accept this merchandise.
    ***如果工廠在做Target產品, Target將不接受這些商品
    1. No Child Labor
    2. No Forced or Compulsory Labor
    3. Fair Disciplinary Practices and No Corporal Punishment
    4. Country of Origin/Illegally Transshipped Goods

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